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Christmas 2022

Appetizer buffet 

Green salad, pickled roots, lingonberries M, G 
Roasted beetroot, goat cheese and crispy buckwheat L, G 
Mushroom salad L, G 
Cold smoked salmon M, G 
Smoked salmon M,G 
Sokerisuolattua siikaa M, G
Shrimp skagen L, G 
Mustard varnish M, G 
Whitefish marinated in juniper  M, G 
Smoked vendace M, G 
Rotten mousse,  pickled and honey L, G 
Blinis L 
Lappish potatoes, butter and dill L, G 

Christmas ham and mustard M, G 
Smoked turkey and cranberries L, G 
Roast beef, pickled red onions and horseradish cream L, G

Bread and butter L 

Maincourse 1

Reindeer of the day  L, G

Maincourse 2

Artic char and carrot L, G

Maincourse 3

Mushroom risotto L, G


White chocolate and lingonberries G
(The main course of your choice and the dessert served to the tables)


Reindeer 74 €
Artic char 66 €
Mushroom risotto 57€

Buffet for kids

Fresh vegetables and yoghurt dip
Fried chicken and tomato mayo
Meatballs and cream sauce
Frankfurt and french fries
Mashed potatoes
(warm vegetarian dish from the kitchen )
Waffles, cloudberry jam and whipped cream

under 4y 0€  
4-7y. 8€
7-12y. 16€