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Surprise menu

Our chef and his team have sharpened their knives and set off on a journey into a world of surprises. In the midst of blenders and the heat of countless frying pans, the team is known for its open-minded and bold attitude on the way to great taste experiences. The Dabbal kitchen specialises in unique northern ingredients and harmonious aromas, so the dishes on our surprise menu will charm you not only by how they look but also by their wonderful flavours. Let the surprise enchant you!

We recommend ordering the surprise menu for the whole table,
and a wine package to go with it.

3 courses 57 € | heavenly wines 34,70 € | non-alcoholic 21 €
5 courses 74 € | heavenly wines 45 € or 65 € | non-alcoholic 33,6 €

À la carte

Whitefish and spruce tip 16 €
Sugar salted whitefish, whitefish roe , spruce tip teriyaki
L   I  G

Delicacies  27 €
The North in its truest and most modern form, savoury and full of surprises.
From a wood board you will find reindeer, northern fish, mushrooms, Finnish cheese and northern berries.
Served in Lappish tapas style.
L   I  (G)
Dabbal salad
Little gem lettuce, roast potatoes, toasted pinenut seeds, pickled lingonberry, parmesan cheese, pickled carrots, smoky mayonnaise and spruce- and lemon vinaigrette.
With grilled chicken 19 €
With cold smoked salmon 21 €
With Lappish cheese 18 €
L   I  G

Beetroot risotto 22 €
Beetroot, roasted pinenut seeds and goat cheece
(G, available vegan)

Dabbal burger 22 €
Brioche bun, Lappish beef patty cooked in a charcoal grill, cold-smoked reindeer, smoky mayonnaise, cheddar cheese, tomato, pickled red onion, served with Lappish puikula potato fries
With double steak + 4 €
Gluten-free  +1 €
Veggie burger 19 €
Brioche bun, veggie patty, smoky mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, pickled red onion, served with Lappish puikula potato fries
Gluten-free  +1 €

Sautéed reindeer 29 €
Sautéed reindeer, mashed Lappish puikula potatoes, pickled cucumber and lingonberries
L   I  G

Fish of the day  31 €
L   I  G

Reindeer of the day 39 €
L   I  G


Cheese  9 €
Cheese of the day, crispbread and Northern jam
(L) I (G)

Blackcurrant  13 €
White chocolate, oat, cassis sorbet

Cloudberry  10 €
Cloudberry, salted caramel and spruce tip ice cream

Ice cream 4 € / scoop
flavours: vanilla (L), blueberry (L), lingonberry (L), spruce