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Christmas lunch


Christmas lunch available on weekdays from 12.12.–21.12.2023 at 11.30–14.

Green salad, pickled roots, lingonberries M, G
Roasted beetroot, goat cheese and crispy buckwheat L, G
Mushroom salad L, G 

Cold smoked salmon M, G
Smoked salmon M,G
Shrimp skagen L, G
Mustard varnish M, G
Blackcurrant herring  M, G
Ice cellar salmon M, G
Marinated vendace M, G
Smoked Pike M,G
Blinejä L
Rotten mousse, pickles and honey L, G
Boiled potatoes, butter and dill L, G

Christmas ham and mustard M, G
Smoked turkey whit gin and cranberry jam L, G
Roast beef, pickled red onions and horseradish cream L, G
Bread and smoked butter L

Mashed potatoes L,G
Swede casserole L, G
Carrot casserole L, G

Roasted salmon and cream sauce L, G
Sautéed reindeer, pickles and lingonberries L, G

Cheeses, baked apple jam and lappish cripsbread L
White chocolate and buttermilk panna cotta with cloudberries G
Yule Log L
Christmas tart, gingerbread and chocolate

Glög / Coffee / Tea


62 € / prs


Lapland Hotels Arena & Tampere
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