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Our story

The log house of a family with Sámi blood in their veins stood tall by the quiet waters between two rapids. Wind picked up with the midday sun and the spiky wheat invited farmers to dig into the black soil of the dark green forest lands. Soon, it was time for the family to put on their shoes, travel north and look for a new house where fires were burnt.

For years, they had waded the rivers and lakes fishing, hunting for game in the clean forests of Central Finland and feeding fresh wood to the fire. They knew that as the ashes grew cold their traditions would be slashed and burnt with a shy flame. But still, their traditions would cut like a knife as information passing on from the Middle Ages to future generations. But the family never knew that the word dabbal would be one of the rich seeds of tradition. Over time, it grew and gave the name to the city of Tampere and the Tammerkoski Rapids.

At Dabbal Kitchen & Bar, we have explored our roots and we believe we’re ready to rediscover the south. With us, we have brought our best ingredients to welcome you as a guest to our traditions.